A call, gift or message can truly lift a young patient’s spirits.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital offers a variety of ways to get in touch with patients, including sending gifts directly to a patient’s room.

Call a patient’s room

To call a patient in a hospital room, call the St. Louis Children’s Hospital operator at 314.454.6000. Please provide the patient’s name and room number.  

To allow our patients to rest, we do not send phone calls to patient rooms after 10 p.m.

Send mail or a package

To send mail to your child’s room, use the following address:

Patient’s first and last name
One Children’s Place
Patient’s room number or floor
St. Louis, MO 63110

Mail is delivered to patients' rooms Monday through Friday. If mail arrives after discharge, we will forward it to the child's home address.

Send a greeting

We deliver greetings sent via our online send a patient greeting system directly to patients’ rooms.

Send a gift

Browse our online gift shop for gifts for your favorite patient.

Gifts are delivered to patients' rooms Monday through Friday. Gifts are typically delivered within 24-hours of the following business day from when the order is placed.