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Nightmares in Children

Research demonstrates that many children experience nighttime fears including nightmares. Nightmares are described as frightening dreams that may awaken a ...

Mom Docs

Baby-Proofing Tips for Parents

Kids are amazing magicians. They find ways to reach, open, and move even the most difficult household items. Our Safety ...

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Cures For Cabin Fever | Parenting Tips

 Learn some parenting tips and tricks to help your child find cures for cabin fever. We know how it ...

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Are Fitness Trackers a Good Idea for Kids?

Fitness tracking devices have become all the rage over the last few years. Companies like Garmin and Fitbit are constantly ...

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Air Pollution Effects on Health | Who’s at Risk?

How many of you have seen the Air Quality Index (AQI) posted as you drive by the Science Center? Or ...